Forget network libraries. Forget RPCs.
Visual Designer in action
Smart - APlay generates code that automatically handles interest management and distributes data & events between servers and clients

Scalable - The generated code enables you to distribute your game across multiple servers

Easy - You model your data and events graphically and there are no APIs
APlay Version 2 is available for everyone soon!
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Graphical Design
Design your communication graphically in an UML-like editor.
Generated Code
No APIs to learn because the generated code integrates directly into yours.
Automated Interest Management
Object instances in the cloud automatically receive updates & events. Recursively.
Automated Persistence
The integrated asynchronous persistence engine automatically stores objects.
Server Cloud
Multiple servers are as easy to implement as a single server.
Cross Language & Plattform
C# .Net & Mono, Unity 3D, Flash
coming soon: Java, HTML5, JavaScript, C++
Live Debugging
Visually inspect your game objects, traffic & performance.
Generated Mass Testing
Little extra effort for running mass tests .
"The APlay concept convinced us from the start. In the meantime it is a core component in all of our online games. We can focus on the actual game development and leave the remainder up to APlay." Michael Paeck, Cliffhanger Productions
"The ability to add new target platforms in a matter of days from scratch is of great strategical value and established APlay as the technical core piece of all our online projects." Tobias Sicheritz, Mipumi Games